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"The game with the best community ever!"

-Tom, A.K.A. Quark (ID 101)

"A great game, 10/10! I have been playing this game for a long time and its still appeals to me more than ever! Brilliant!"

-Ur Mum (ID 1926)

"This game has captivated me beyond my initial belief. I have (unfortunately) become addicted to this game, but I have hours of immense fun."

-Justin, A.K.A. Conor (ID 3258)

"The most fun I've found on the internet for a long time. I've been addicted since I started and now I play everyday without fail! Congrats go to all those that helped make this game the success it is!"

-Tom, A.K.A. Ferax (ID 2939)

"Not since Animal Crossing have I based my life so much around a game."

-Sam, A.K.A. Super Shadow (ID 2206)

"This game is neat. I've been on tons of others like it but it's really cool, tons of neat folks too. I love all the options and that there's always different stuff and soo many members. Even though I've been on it like a week I can tell I'm hooked and like would go crazy if I didn't get least two hours of it a day!!!!"

-Tiff, A.K.A. RotoCowGirl (ID 4003)

"I'd say this is by far the best online game I've ever played, and I've only played it for a couple weeks. There is always so much to do, and it is very clean and easy to access. This game is just at the beginning of its greatness, I feel that it will go far beyond what it is now."

-Daniel, A.K.A. Squall Exion (ID 3773)

"This game is addictive! I'm afraid it has replaced human interaction in my life... oh well!"

-Chris, A.K.A. Neo (ID 3365)

"Finally...A free online game that's more than just clicking links! Thank you!"

-Rob, A.K.A. BattleCat (ID 4026)

"I've been playing this for 2 weeks now and I see already this is the best game of this type I've played so far."

-Brice de Nice (ID 4057)

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