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"This game is great, I always have fun when I play it."

-Bullman (ID 2412)

"Enormous Challenge + Great Players = Unforgetable Game"

-The Mole (ID 2043)

"It's one of those games that once you get the hang of it's really addictive and fun, the kind of fun you wish would never stop."

-NovaLau (ID 2953)

"The moment I came to the site, I new I'd enjoy myself. It's a great RPG. It would give Mech Crusaders a run for it's money. "

-Steven, A.K.A. Shayne (ID 2710)

"Great game. I just cant stop playing it!"

-Karina, A.K.A. Akasha (ID 2484)

"I love the community and the people who are playing this game, that in itself is an inspiration to play. Hail to the creators and developers."

-BamBam (ID 3271)

"The most exciting game there is out there, once you play it you won't want to stop!"

-Ethan (ID 3398)

"I really enjoy this game, it's a good Sci-Fi RPG with a good dose of humour thrown in for good measure."

-Guy Manstein (ID 3305)

"Ever since I've started I've been so addicted to the game and can't keep away."

-Dominic, A.K.A. Doctor Batfink (ID 1468)

"More fun than playing DroidArena, (and the admins are nicer too)!"

-BlueArmadillo (ID 3372)

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